The evaluation kit provides a quick introduction to theThe evaluation kit provides a quick introduction to theTIM-SC1 module. It is a high quality 1090MHz bandreceiver with an integrated ADS-B (Automatic DependentSurveillance - Broadcast) decoder, conforming to MOPSsspecified in TSO-C199. EVAL-TIM-MC1 with thededicated software allows the user to discover the moduleproperties within a short time, paving the way towardsquick prototyping, through tabular and 3D views.


• Quick start with the OEM TIM-SC1 module

• Quick start with the OEM TIM-SC1 module

• Designed to be powered by USB or an external 5Vsupply

• Two LED for USB communication and one LED forinternal functions

• Virtual COM port with simple firmware updatecapability

• Extension header for external power supply andcommunication

• ESD protection

• All necessary components in the box (antenna, USBcable, etc.)

• Dedicated software available


• Evaluation board

• Wideband antenna (0-1dBi) 3m

• U.fl / SMA adapter 10.5cm

• USB cable 30cm

• 2 x Pinheader for extensions connector

Basic Electrical specification:

Parameter Description Typ. Unit.
Carrier frequency   1090 MHz
RX sensitivity Operation at 50Ω -80 dBm
Power supply   3.3V DCV
Current consumption   80 mA
Dimensions   68x33 mm


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