AeroTM belongs to the class of the smallest ADS-B receivers on market and has been developed for civil and commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems. It is especially dedicated to UAS controllers supporting the MAVLink protocol. Aero operates on 1090MHz and allows to track manned air traffic (equipped with ADS-B technology) in the immediate vicinity of UAS. The goal is to ensure a safe separation between manned and unmanned aircraft. Aero opens the way to the implementation of the Detect and Avoid algorithms, supporting the integration of UAS into the airspace.


• Real-time aircraft tracking on 1090MHz

• Designed to meet MOPS DO-260B

• Implemented MAVLink and AEROTM protocol

• High sensitive front-end with range up toHigh sensitive front-end with range up to 100km (300km with external 1dBi antenna)

• Programming via AT commands

• Patented FPGA-In-The-LoopTM technology with the capability of receiving thousands of frames per second

• Small power consumption and ultra-low weight design

• Simple plug&play integration with MAVLink devices


• On-board traffic monitoring

• Position broadcasting

• Implementation of Detect and Avoid algorithms

Basic Electrical specification:

Parameter Description Typ. Unit
Carrier frequency   1090 MHz
RX sensitivity Operation at 50Ω -80 dBm
Weight with antenna   2.8 grams
MAVlink Yes    
Dimensions   27.0x14.0x5.5 mm


Umowa o dofinansowanie Projektu "Podniesienie konkurencyjności firmy Aerobits poprzez zwiększenie jej potencjału eksportowego" Nr RPZP.01.15.00-32-004/17-00 w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego 2014-2020 Oś Priorytetowa 1 "Gospodarka, Innowacje, Nowoczesne Technologie" Działanie 1.15 "Wsparcie kooperacji przedsiębiorstw"

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