The evaluation kit provides a quick introduction to the TIM-C1 module. It is a high quality 1090MHz band receiver with an integrated ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) decoder, designed to meet MOPSs specified in TSO-C199. The software allows simple programming and data visualization in various modes, from raw data, through 2D/3D views.


  • Extension header for a GNSS source (e.g. WaveShare NEO-6M)
  • 256Mb flash memory for off-line data analysis
  • Designed to be powered by USB or an external supply of 3.3 V
  • Two LEDs for USB communication and two LEDs for internal functions
  • Virtual COM port with simple firmware update capability
  • Extension header for external power supply and communication
  • ESD protection
  • All necessary components in the box (antenna, USB cable, etc.)
  • Dedicated software available
Starter-kit components
Evaluation board
Wideband antenna (0-1dBi) 3m
U.fl / SMA adapter 10.5cm
USB cable 30cm
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