One of the key problems of unmanned aviation technology is its integration in the airspace system. This topic is a subject of focus of authorities in many countries, but also of international organisations which are searching for universal legal regulations, procedures and systemic solutions. These activities will determine the future of UAS technology development, which is currently strongly hampered, especially in its very promising, commercial sector.

FAA specified new definitions which are supposed to enforce the use of electronic systems installed on the UAS side in the nearest future. They are supposed to guarantee safe airspace sharing in direct surrounding of manned air traffic. Operation of these solutions is based on the proven ADS-B technology (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast), which comprises a pillar of a modern air traffic management conforming to the NextGen philosophy (SESAR in Europe).

Aerobits is specialised in production of micro-avionics, in particular in applications for unmanned aviation. The basis is provided here by the patented ADS-B CoreTM, technology used as the starting point for design of a wide range of products. It is a unique combination of a multi-core processor with FPGA, which allows record computational powers of professional ground stations to be achieved with simultaneous mass reduction to single grams. In addition to the offered, standard functionality, this technology has high potential of customisation, through development of scalable firmware.

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