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Aero RPi Hat


The product integrates Micro ADS-B and GNSS technologies with the most popular single board computer in the world. This allows easy access to data collected by the TT-MC1 module. The integration of GNSS technology allows you to mark frames with an accurate timestamp for multilateration purposes. For easy outdoor installation, the entire system can be powered by using POE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology - so the only cable you need to connect is an Ethernet cable.


• Powered via standard USB connector or via POE
• Based on TT-MC1a 1090MHz receiver
• Integrated GNSS with additional USB connector
• Precise time-stamping of raw frames
• Integrated temperature and air quality sensor
• Availability in different configurations
• Total power consumption - approx. 3.7W


• Ground stations
• UTM/U­Space proof of concepts
• Data collecting

Basic Electrical specification:

Parameter Description Typ. Unit.
Raspberry model  Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+    
Raspberry CPU  ARM11 900MHz    
PoE standard  IEEE 802.3at    
Carrier frequency  TT-MC1a 1090 MHz
RX sensitivity  For operation at 50Ω -85 dBm
Typical current consumption   500 mA
Weight   45 g
Dimensions   85.6 x 56.5 x 17.0 mm


Datasheet RpiHat

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