(Polski) Pozyskanie inwestora i utworzenie spółki

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Winning idea in ESNC

morawieckiThe highly integrated ADS-B/GNSS technology for safe airspace sharing between manned and unmanned airborne vehicles received an award in the European Satellite Navigation Competition. Aerobits won the 1st place in Poland Challenge and the 2nd place in UAV Challenge with over 400 submission sent in from 40 countries. Our project also received the special award of Polish Space Agency. ESNC is considered to be the biggest competition in the field of satellite technologies in the world. The competition is aimed at looking for new markets for GNSS positioning methods, and in particular for the European Galileo system. Partners and organisers of the Polish edition of Galileo Masters: Blue Dot Solutions, Black Pearls VC, Polish Space Agency, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Industry Development Agency, Pomeranian Special Economic Area, GMV, Creotech Instruments S.A., ITTI. The Ministry of Development, National Centre for Research and Development and the Association of Space Industry Employers became the honorary patrons of the competition. We would like to thank the organisers and the jury for reviewing our project in such a positive light.

Meeting with Mateusz Morawiecki

morawieckiInternational cooperation which started as a result of our presence at the ILA, drew the attetion of the Department of Trade Promotion and Investments of Polish Embassy in Berlin. It invited our start-up to a meeting with Mr Mateusz Morawiecki, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development on 16/06/2016, during the Polish-German Economic Congress. The meeting took place within a small group of representatives of Polish companies and research institutions (PKO BP, Orlen, PESA, Solaris, CCC, Agat, Calbud, Digital Technology Poland and Aerobits). The object of the talks included past success on the German market, new technologies and methods of their implementation, as well as legal and cultural differences between our countries, slowing down development of cross-border trade.

First public presentation

ILA' Berlin Air Show 20161-4.06.2016 at the international ILA’ Berlin Air Show fair, in the ‘UAS New Dimensions in Diversity’ division provided an opportunity to explore anti-collision systems for UAS, which ensure safe separation from manned airborne traffic. Systems dedicated to civilian and commercial drones were presented in online mode and drew attention not only of drone manufacturers, but also of institutions creating UAS law within the European Union.